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TAFE has helped so many people to find opportunity, skills, careers and purpose in their lives. TAFE provides support for those seeking employment for the first time, those who missed opportunities at school, and those who seek retraining and further education throughout their lives.

But TAFE has suffered government funding cuts, underfunding and a shift to a privatised system.

In the wake of the COVID crisis we urgently need to invest in upskilling our workforce to stimulate the economy, and provide opportunity for all Australians. Now is the time for us to take action and ask governments to invest in a positive future for all of us.

We are calling on politicians to:

  • Guarantee a minimum 70% of all government funding to the public TAFE system.
  • Restore funding and rebuild the system
  • Re-invest in the TAFE teaching workforce
  • Develop a capital investment strategy for TAFE

Will you help to #RebuildWithTAFE?

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We need your help to spread the word so governments invest in a positive future for all of us. Pretty much everyone agrees that TAFE is valuable, but a lot of people don't know that TAFE has suffered massive funding cuts and needs our support.


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Your personal experience and story is a powerful way to show people the value of TAFE and why it's so important for us to guarantee funding that will give everyone fair and equal access to high quality education.

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Now, more than ever, Australians need TAFE – our strong, trusted and public vocational education system.

Millions of us got our first start or changed the course of our lives thanks to TAFE.

But TAFE has been under attack.

TAFE has suffered from funding cuts and contestable funding policy settings that have led to an increasingly privatised vocational education system that undermines the quality of vocational education and training.

With hundreds of campuses all around the country, TAFE continues to provide high quality vocational education, and is perfectly positioned to help Australia rebuild, stimulate the economy and address serious skill shortages. But it urgently needs guaranteed funding to do so.

Add your voice and tell the government to Rebuild with TAFE and invest in a positive future for all of us.

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Tell us why TAFE is important to you.

Politicians need to hear from you about your experience and why increasing funding to TAFE will make a positive difference for your TAFE, or to you as a student, teacher, or employer.

Or if you are a former TAFE student or teacher, tell us that story – what difference did TAFE make to your life, the life of your family or the wider community?

For politicians to really listen, they need to hear stories, from people like you, about why and how increased funding for your TAFE would make a meaningful difference.

Just use the form on the right to share your story now. Not sure what to say? Here are some things to think about:

  • Did TAFE help you follow your career dream or help retrain? Where would you be in life if you didn’t go to TAFE?
  • Would more funding help build new high quality facilities and start of the art equipment? What specifically could be improved?
  • What would more TAFE teachers and personnel mean for current TAFE teachers and students?
  • Are there currently courses that are not available that could provide more opportunities for students?
  • Do you live in a rural or regional area and have to travel a long way to college? Would additional TAFE colleges help young people stay local?

There's no wrong thing to say! It's just important that politicians hear about real experiences.

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