Things you could say on National TAFE Day | Don’t forget to tag your local MP and the Prime Minister @AlboMP

TAFE provides high quality vocational education and is perfectly positioned to help Australia rebuild, stimulate the economy and address skill shortages. #NationalTAFEday

It’s time for governments to invest in TAFE for Australia’s economic recovery post COVID-19 #NationalTAFEday @AlboMP

TAFE has the infrastructure, the workforce and trusted reputation to meet the challenges this moment demands but it must be financially supported by governments #NationalTAFEday @AlboMP

Public vocational education is every person’s right, and TAFE holds a particularly important role in the lives of people throughout their working lives #NationalTAFEday

TAFE is a highly regarded educational institution which has supported individuals, communities and employers for decades #NationalTAFEday

TAFE has developed partnerships with employers and communities to provide pathways for students to employment, further education and university #NationalTAFEday

TAFE provides support for those seeking employment for the first time, those who missed opportunities at school, and those who seek retraining and further education throughout their lives #NationalTAFEday